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ECO Halfrack

Made and produced in GERMANY!


The eye-catcher for your gym!  Give your training area that certain something and make it something special.  Train on a training device far away from the mainstream!
It is the unique and (efficient) design that makes the rack stand out from the crowd.
The combination of Siberian larch and steel gives the rack an exclusive design, which is unique on the market so far.  A real one-of-a-kind that is waiting to tear new PRs with you!



The rack consists of 8 x 8 cm Siberian Larch beams reinforced with steel plates on the front and back of each beam.  In addition, all connecting elements, the feet as well as the safeties and hooks are made of steel.  This combination of wood and the right elements of steel gives the rack incomparable stability!
It even exceeded our expectations.  Through some tough stress tests and heavy training sessions, we have even (subjectively) been able to determine a higher stability than with conventional racks made of steel square tubes.  In addition, the selected wood is very weather-resistant and robust.
Larch is often used for heavy-duty structures in bridges and hydraulic engineering as well as for roof structures.


Sustainability awareness is omnipresent.  Same with us: Our rack consists mostly of wood, which is a renewable raw material.
We have reduced steel to a minimum and only use it for the necessary components.  This allows us to reduce the use of steel by 50% while ensuring the same stability as a traditional steel rack.



Made and produced in GERMANY!

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- Pre sale -

Länge: 155 cm

Breite: 181 cm

Höhe: ca. 230 - 275 cm

Gewicht: ca. 150 kg

Material: Lärche / Edelstahl / Stahl

Belastbarkeit: 450 kg

Bohrungsabstand: 2,5 cm

Bohrungsdurchmesser: 1,7 cm

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